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How To Create Multi-Tier Subscriptions on LaunchPass
How To Create Multi-Tier Subscriptions on LaunchPass
Tier your offer with multi-tier subscription options
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Creating Multi-Tiered Subscriptions

Premium communities and subscription-based businesses often need the flexibility to create different levels or tiers of offers for their customers.

LaunchPass lets you provide that with our multi-tier subscription feature. So whether you want to offer multiple pricing levels with different benefits, or you want to provide recurring vs. one-time offers, we’ve got you covered.

This guide will help walk you through:

  1. Creating and offering multiple tiers of subscriptions for your community (for example, Silver, Gold, Platinum) on Slack and Discord

  2. Setting the right permissions

  3. How to embed these onto your website using our embeddable payment widget

Step 1. Create an offer for each subscription tier

If you want to provide more than one subscription option for your community, you will need to create an offer for each option.

If you’re new to LaunchPass, check out this guide on how to create your account and paid offers.

Existing LaunchPass members can sign in to their admin dashboard to set up an additional paid group.

If you run your community on Discord, you will create a role for each new offer. For example, if you want to create a Silver, Gold, and Platinum offer, you will name your roles #silver, #gold, and #platinum respectively.

If you run your community on Slack, you will create a new channel for each new offer. Using our tier example above, you will have separate channels for silver, gold and platinum.

2. Set Access Permissions

Using Discord

You’ll notice in your Discord server that there is a new channel that has been automatically created based on what you named the paid group you set up, as well as a new role. You will now need to make sure you set the right permissions so that the right roles have access to the right channels.

Using Slack

In your Slack workspace, this is done automatically for you. You will see a locked channel with the name you entered previously for each tier you created (ie silver, gold, platinum).

New members will be dropped here once signed up and paid. When new members sign up to your group, they will receive an invite via email to join.

3. Embed The LaunchPass Payment Widget On Your Website (Optional)

When creating multiple offers, note that each offer will have its own invite page.

If you want to use our embed feature to collect subscribers from your own website, each offer will have its own embed code you will need to add to your site. One major advantage of this is that you can have all of your subscription tiers offered on a single page.

The embed function is fairly straightforward.

  1. Navigate to your specific paid group in your LaunchPass Admin dashboard and click the <Embed> button

  2. Click “Copy to clipboard” to grab the first code snippet. This will create a button on your page that users will click through to be directed to a payment form. Go to the website page where you want the widget to display and paste that code anywhere on your page.

  3. Go back to your LaunchPass dashboard embed widget and copy the second code snippet. Navigate back to the same page of your website and place the code at the bottom of your page, just before the end of the body.

***Repeat steps 1 -3 for each of your offers/tiers.

If you need further instruction on how to embed your offers onto your page, check out this guide we wrote.

If you need any additional support on creating multi-tier subscriptions, feel free to reach out to us in our chat, or send us an email at [email protected].

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