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Configuring your Discord Server
Configuring your Discord Server

Notes and helpful hints on how to use roles and permissions to lock channels

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Note: This guide is intended for users that have already created and published their paid Discord group. If you haven't yet done that, take a look at our step-by-step guide here.

Once you land in your discord server, you'll see a new channel matching the one you created when setting up your paid group. This channel is essentially your welcome channel and is unlocked - it should remain unlocked as this is where all new users will land and receive instructions to activate their account.

At this point, no paid channels or roles are active. You're going to want to go ahead and create the paid channel and lock it:

  1. Create a new text channel and name it. For our example, we'll call it "pay-to-access"

    Note that when creating this channel, you have the option to make the channel private by toggling on the "Private Channel" option. We highly recommend doing this as it will lock the channel and allow you to limit access to particular roles that you select (as opposed to @everyone being able to access the channel).

    This is also a great time to add other important roles (if applicable), such as moderators, staff, etc.

    Once you have done this, you will see that your channel is locked, and the roles you have selected - in our example the 'premium' role - have been added.

    If you opted to toggle on Private Channel and see that your channel is locked and you have the right roles within the channel, you're all set and you can skip to STEP 4.

  2. If you didn't choose the Private Channel option when creating your channel, this channel will be open to everyone, so let's change that since this is where your paid content will be. Under the channel you just created, head to “edit channel” by right clicking on the channel you want to make changes to, and make your way to “permissions.”

    The role ‘@everyone’ is the default role in Discord. We don’t want users with this role to be able to view the paid channel we just created.

    While having ‘@everyone’ selected, set ‘view channel’ to disabled.

3. Next, go to Roles/Members and in the drop-down menu (by hitting the + button), select the name matching the one you put in the invite set-up page, in our case ‘premium.’

Now, we want this paid role to have access to your paid content. Make sure you have the paid role selected and then set ‘view channel’ to enabled.

If done correctly, when you select ‘@everyone’, ‘view channel’ should be red and when you select your paid role (‘premium’) it should be green.

4. Make sure you save your changes.

You should now see that the channel we just edited has a lock to the left of it.

Make sure that the original channel that you created on the set-up page (‘premium’) does NOT have a lock (remember, it is your welcome channel for new members).

Now that this is finished, all new users will land in the ‘premium’ public channel. Those with paid access will also be able to access the paid channel, ‘pay-to-access’.

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