From time-to-time, subscribers may wish to ask for a refund for groups they are subscribed to.

While our support team is happy to help out, only group owners can authorize refund requests.

Groups that you subscribe to are separate entities from LaunchPass. Each group, as its own entity, has its own terms and conditions. Refunds are subject to each individual group’s terms and conditions, and are not automatic. LaunchPass is the membership platform - we are not technically capable or legally authorized to process refunds to a group you are subscribed to.

However, our team is happy to help out if you are having any trouble.

If you want a refund from a group you are subscribed to:

  1. Please contact the owner of the group. You can do this directly within Slack or Discord itself.

  2. If you can’t find the group owner’s contact details, please reach out to us and our team is happy to assist in finding the contact details and answering additional questions you may have.

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