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Setting Up Google Analytics 4 on Your LaunchPass Page
Setting Up Google Analytics 4 on Your LaunchPass Page
With conversion tracking for your V2 LaunchPass pages in 5 easy steps!
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Want to get a better pulse on what’s working and what’s not for your paid chat community? Google Analytics is a great place to start.

This guide will give you a step-by-step walkthrough of how to set up Google Analytics 4 on your LaunchPass pages. Here's what we'll cover:

  1. How to set-up and use Google Analytics 4 with conversion tracking for your community.

  2. How to directly integrate GA4 on your LaunchPass pages.

  3. How to test and validate your set up.

Read Me - Important!

This guide will show you how to directly integrate Google Analytics 4 with conversion tracking on your V2 LaunchPass signup pages. Currently, to get early access to the new version of your sign up page. Please add a /v2 at the end of any LaunchPass sign up page URL. The ability to directly integrate GA4 with conversion tracking is currently available for V2 sign up pages only. Once integrated, please update your links in all places and only accept signups on the V2 pages moving forward.

Some new features of the V2 pages are:

  • Second email confirmation field.

  • Can now accept all 3D Secure payments. This is a big deal for European customers.

  • For Discord signup pages: Subscribers are now redirected to a thank you page right after purchasing. The thank you page will provide your customer their activation instructions, Discord invite link, and activation code.

If you have any questions at all about our V2 pages, please feel free to reach out to our 24/7 live support by emailing [email protected] before continuing with this guide.

Step 1: Start Measuring

Login to Google Analytics

Please visit the following link here and login with the Google account you would like to use for your Google Analytics journey. Once you are logged in you should get to a page that looks like this. If you do not yet have a dedicated Google account for your group/business. We recommend creating one here.

Step 2: Account Setup

Creating your GA account

  • Please enter the account name that you would like. It could be your group's name or company name.

  • Select your account data sharing preferences. We recommend keeping the “Technical Support” option checked on.

You can now click on “Next”.

Property Details

  • Please enter your property name. Similar to your account name it can also be your group's name or company name.

  • Set your time zone.

  • Set your currency.

Let's continue on by clicking “Next”.

Business Details

  • Please choose the industry category that best describes your group/business.

  • Let's also select your business size and how you intend to use Google Analytics for your group/business.

Finally let's click on “Create”. A few more steps and we’re almost there!

Step 3: Set up your Data Stream

Choosing a Platform

  • For our application we will click on “Web” as our choice for setting up a data stream.

Creating a Web Data Stream

  • In the “Website URL” field. Please drop in your LaunchPass V2 sign up page URL.

  • For the “Stream Name” field, we recommend naming this something easily distinguishable. For example, if your LaunchPass page is for selling access to a monthly diamond premium membership, you can enter “Diamond Premium Membership”.

  • We also recommend leaving the “Enhanced Measurement” checked on.

Let's click on “Create Stream”.

Web Stream Details

  • We should now see a detailed overview of your very first web stream. Congratulations!

Now it's time to move on to integrating GA4 with your LaunchPass page.

Step 4: Integrating GA4

Viewing Your Gtag

  • Under “Tagging Instructions” - “Add new on-page tag” let's expand on “Global site tag (gtag.js)” to view the code we will be needing to add to your LaunchPass signup page.

  • Please copy the code to your clipboard as we will be needing this in our next step.

Adding Gtag to LaunchPass

  • Please visit your LaunchPass dashboard and find the signup page we had linked earlier in our “Creating a Web Data Stream” section.

  • Let's click the “Edit” button and scroll down towards the bottom of the edit page.

  • You will see two fields that we will need to click on “Yes” for. The first field is the “Analytics & Tracking” and the second is the “Conversion Tracking Code”.

  • Please paste the Gtag code we had copied to our clipboard in the “Analytics & Tracking Code” field.

Adding Gtag Conversion Event

  • Please copy the following code provided and paste it into the “Conversion Tracking Code” field: gtag('event', 'purchase', {'value': 75.00, 'currency': 'USD'});

  • Depending on the price of your LaunchPass page please edit the “value” amount. Also, if your page is charging in a currency that is not USD, please go ahead and add the appropriate currency code. Note: When you update your signup page pricing, you will also have to update the “value” for the “purchase” event.

  • As an example, if your signup page was configured to charge €100 euro per signup, your gtag conversion event code would appear as: gtag('event', 'purchase', {'value': 100.00, 'currency': 'EUR'});

  • Your LaunchPass edit page should look very similar to the one below, with the only difference being you would have your own code depending on your specific page configuration. Please go ahead and click on “Next: Preview your signup page” and then “Publish it!”

Step 5: Testing & Validation

Exploring GA Dashboard

  • You're now all set up! Your LaunchPass signup page is now tracking multiple analytics events such as, how many page views you’re getting, how many people started their checkout, as well as how many users converted and became paying customers!

  • You can validate your conversion tracking is working by going to the “Reports” area towards the top left sidebar then clicking on the “Realtime” tab and completing a signup to the LaunchPass signup page you integrated GA4 with.

  • Note: your purchase events may take a few minutes to register in GA4 so if they don’t show up immediately, don’t worry. Just monitor and continue to check!

Tip: You can create a coupon via your Stripe dashboard to discount the price of your page. Don't forget to refund and cancel any subscriptions created during your testing.

You’re all set! If you have any additional questions:

  • Please feel free to reach out to our 24/7 live chat support by emailing [email protected]

  • The process to set up additional pages is identical. You would create a new “Web Data Stream” for every LaunchPass signup page you would like to individually track.

  • If you have any feedback on how this guide could be improved upon or you would like to see a guide created for another integration, please provide that feedback by reaching out to our support team.

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