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How can I create a coupon?
How can I create a coupon?
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Note: If you're looking to add the first month for free, we recommend just setting up a trial period instead of a coupon. That way, it'll be an easier sign up for your members and you can still capture their email info.

You can create a coupon within your Stripe. Please make sure that it's created on the Stripe account that is connected to your LaunchPass account.

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Stripe here:

  2. Click on the "Products" section on the top menu of your Stripe dashboard. Select "Coupons" to proceed.

   3. You can then click on "New" found at the upper right corner of the page to create a new coupon.

   4. Enter the details of your coupon in the fields given and hit "Create coupon" when you're ready.

Note: Make the "Name" and "ID" the same. The "ID" is the actual code that people need to enter. This means that if you leave this blank, Stripe will create a random code for you. Your members will need that code instead of what you indicated on "Name".

FINAL STEP: Enable Coupon and re-publish your page

After creating a coupon, go back to the invite page you created. Click on "Edit" next to it and enable coupons from the options.

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