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Can I use this on my own domain/website?
Can I use this on my own domain/website?

Use our widget

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Yes! We support embed codes, which we can help set up for you. There's an embed button next to the page on your LaunchPass dashboard. Once you click on that, the instructions will appear.

Just add all the embed codes and buttons for each offer to your website.
Then you can copy the class property on each of our buttons over to your own.
Any HTML element that has the class="lp[some-numbers]" will act as a button and open the widget.
For example in the image below you'd copy the script into your website, and copy the highlighted property into an HTML element you want to become your button.

When you've added it to your page, it'll look something like this:

The embed (from the admin panel card) is an HTML snippet + a script, so you can copy paste that into the HTML of your page.

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