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What is the #launchpass channel?
What is the #launchpass channel?

(For Discord users)

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Creating a private #launchpass channel that the LaunchPass bot has permissions to will report or notify you whenever:
• a new member activates their subscription providing you with their email
• a member leaves without canceling, so you can potentially save their subscription before they cancel.

I. You can also use this channel to look up your member's information.
Type whois email or username or Discord ID within #launchpass and it'll return additional information.

For example:

whois [email protected]

whois UserName#1234

II. In the event that the member's email address needs to be changed, group owners can use the updateUserEmail command within #launchpass.

For example:
updateUserEmail [email protected] [email protected]

This will update the member's email address within our database and on Stripe.

III. In case you prefer to have the roles removed instead of kicking the member after they cancel, please send the following command on the #launchpass channel:


The bot will reply with true to show it’s turned on.

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