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Discord oAuth is Here!

Discord oAuth is here! Say goodbye to Activation Codes

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Big news! We’ve implemented Discord oAuth, and have phased out Activation Codes.

What you need to know

Subscribers to your community are now able to instantly accept their invitation and join your Discord community with the click of a button, as opposed to having to send an Activation Code. They can also manage their subscriptions to your community through the new Customer Portal -

How Discord oAuth Works:

  1. When subscribers checkout they are directed to a confirmation screen where they click “Get Access”

  2. Discord oAuth modal is used to connect

  3. Subscribers are automatically added to your server and given the role associated with the page they signed up to

  4. Your subscribers click “Open Discord” and they are brought directly to your community and have complete access without having to take any additional steps

What Happens To My Existing Subscribers With Activation Codes?

The only change for existing subscribers is that any subscription management commands sent in Discord – such as sending in an activation code, Update, and Cancel – will provide them with a direct link to their Customer Portal. They will be able to log in and self-manage their subscriptions from here.

What can subscribers do in the customer portal?

  1. Update billing information

  2. Set their subscription to cancel at the end of their billing period

  3. Remove "set to cancel" to reactivate and stay subscribed

  4. Switch the Discord user associated with the subscription

  5. Regain access to the community if they accidentally leave the Discord server

  6. View all of their subscription details (next billing period, active discounts, payment status, etc.)

Many more features are coming to the customer portal, stay tuned.

If any of your subscribers have questions or need help getting access to the portal, please have them go to for 24/7 live chat support.

Do I need to do anything?

  1. If you have instructions mentioning activation codes across your website, social channels, emails, or other communications with subscribers, we recommend you update them to point everyone to their customer portal (

  2. If existing (or new) subscribers want to update their subscriptions, they can now visit where they will be able to self-manage their subscription to your community, including updating billing, canceling, and changing the Discord user associated with their subscription(previously known as Generating a new invite [GNI]).

If you have any questions, click the blue rocket to the bottom right of your screen to access our 24/7 chat support.

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