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Step 2: Decide and create an invite page
Step 2: Decide and create an invite page
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  1. Sign into using your Slack or Discord account.

2. Create a free group or paid group.
Free group provides access to all public channels.

Paid group provides access to a private channel plus all other public channels.

3. Fill out the simple form with your channel price, description, video, etc. You can now choose from Annual, Semiannual (6 months), Quarterly (3 months), Monthly, Weekly and One-time payments.

4. Choose your background, button and text color.

5. Click โ€˜Publish it!'

Voila! Your page is ready. If a user pays for your group via your LaunchPass invite page (or widget) they will receive an email invitation to your group and a brief welcome message.

This is a sample sign up below:

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